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Did you miss hearing Noah Adams's interview of C.T. Chew on NPR (circa 1988)?
Listen now:.. C.T. Chew on NPR (.mp3)

Chew Day on Stamp World
Canon Laser on Paper, Edition of 50
9.5"H x 13"W, 1996

Evolutionary Theories Face Off
Canon Laser on Paper, Edition of 60,
10"H x 15.5"W, 1994

I Collect Stamps by Chew & Higgins
Canon Laser on Paper, Edition of 30,
11"H x 8.5"W, 1994

Hot Pick: You can click here and travel to the ancient Triangle Post artistamp site!!!

Whirlpool Club


Whirlpool Masters
(at the Stamp Art Gallery)
Giclée Prints on Paper
8.5"H x 11" W, 1996

Clara Barton Issue
Canon Laser on Paper, Edition 25,
9"H x 12"W, 1995

Eight Times Sent Letter 1
Mixed Media / Color Xerox Stamps on Paper,
Unique, 8.5"H x 11"W, 1993

Money Talks Stamps &
Self Help Order Form Poster &

Audio CD
Giclée Stamps on Paper, Audio CD
14.5"H x 9.5"W, 1985/2004
Giclee Print on Paper, 1985/2005