seesall2 stamps

(As Seen on Ebay)

You are bidding on a genuine sheet of fake cinderella stamps created by self-styled eBay relate and postmaster general of Triangle Post, C. T. Chew.  What a mouthfull!  To learn more about Mr. Chew, who the Oslo Weekender calls, "...slik en adorable mensch!", just click on his name/link two sentences back.  

Who is seesall1?

We know, because we are seesall2.  But who is seesall1?  A mystery!  A conundrum!  A perplexing pinion!  We know, because we are seesall2.  We know.

seesall2, We Know

Stamps, Ink on Paper, Gummed and Perforated
11"H x 8.5"W, 2006