Stamps from Trian Gulo

eBay Commemoratives from Trian Gulo

Trian Gulo is a small city-state found just to the left of Ramada in the Orphan Protectorate.  These stamps commemorate the victory of oar maidens over a barbaric sect of knights from the neighboring state of Shilo in 957 AD, give or take a few years, one side or the other.

Actually these were made for Angst Comics though they do depict
Trian Gulo oar maidens

After a few weeks auctioneering on eBay I decided that it would be fun to make special stamps for winning bidders. The first idea I had was to look at a bidder's feedback report and find a suitable image of some other item they had won on eBay, and make a stamp for them from it. The first time I tried this I made a stamp for someone with the eBay name discus1947. He or she collects bird stamps and cards.
The stamp looked like this:

Unfortunately for discus1947, they did not win the item, so I couldn't send their sheet of special stamps. Perhaps they will see this and contact me.

The next few stamps were for folks who had won several auctions and whose addresses I already knew.

Eventually I settled on the Trian Gulo format for the commemoratives because
I liked making the bird characters. Here is the Angst sheet: