AP Reuters 2300GMT - Authorities in Lancasterforshire on Avon report the untimely death of Cinderella in what appears to be a freak train accident. Passengers on the night express were unawares of the accident which left the famous storybook and cartoon character plastered flatter than a pancake on the front of the lead locomotive. Engineer Arnolk Arnold was in the head at the time of the mishap and was of no help to the investigating police. "When you gotta go, you gotta go," stated Mr. Arnold. Seems it was time for Ms. Cinderella to go as well.

Cinderella Train Disaster by C.T. Chew

11"H x 8.5"W, Perforated, Signed, 2005
(Note: These stamps are inappropriate for small children because of their emotional content.)

©2006 CTChew