Trian Gulo Avian Topicals

Trian Gulo harbors some of the most spectacular avian species living in Earth's biosphere. Here birds are revered as national treasures, odes are written to them, young children are keen to know all the species and spot them on walks with their friends, and boys with BB guns or slingshots are delt with severely. The Norwegian Norde Cringler Express writes of the Trian Gularian obsession with birds, "I Norge vi akkurat ser en spurv, i Trian Gulo de erfarer rapture." (Loosely translated, I think, "In Norway we merely see a sparrow, but in Trian Gulo it is more like passionate romance.)

The Springtail Prairie Lyre
18T, Priority, 2006

Trian Gulo: Springtail Prairie Lyre, 8"H x 10"W, 2006.

The Perf Orator by Lyman Diggs 

Righting the “Wrongs” 

  After what seems like years of shoddy philatelic issues Trian Gulo has finally updated one of its well known errors. 

Many of you will remember this writer’s notice of the Spring Tail Prairie Lyre reverse.  The official explanation was that the artist involved in the original drafting of the image was replaced and the new creative genius affixed the head and tail on their opposite places.  Normal inspection does not reveal this subtle error, but where were the Trian Gularians in this debacle?  It is their national bird, and one might expect some recognition that the feet were pointing in the wrong direction.  Even on discovery of the error the stamps were kept in use for an additional 12 years.  Trian Gulo’s Office of Postal Inspection explained that due to budgetary concerns the issue would not be withdrawn.  Well, at long last, a new improved version of the stamp has been issued (Scott #356.2A) and the correction has been made.


  In addition to the reverse just mentioned, a number of early Trian Gulo stamps have turned up on the international auction block at eBay.  The magenta HIGGINS 39r invert made its first appearance in 35 years.  “Seems” Philatelic Stamp Mongers in Seattle, Washington, USA, purchased a lifetime collection recently which included these inverts as well as numerous other oddities (see my column Jan. 23, 2005, The Cephalopex Movement).  We can only assume these are the real things, but PSM has dabbled in more than shady philatelism in the past—buyer beware! 

Heart Tail Bunting
14T, Airmail, 2006