Amoeba Stamp Set

5 Rare Amoeba Stamps from Around The World

Reward stamps and letter sent to students bold enough to search for amoebas in the sludge
at the bottom of the turtle tank, room 221, Ballard High School, April 2006.


Dear Winners of the Great Amoeba Search™: Eddie, Alice, Damon, Yenly, Czyl, and Rwatt,

It was pretty hard to decide what prize to send you.  In fact, I didn’t really know what to award you with.  Then, this morning I went to a stamp store downtown (Philatelic Stamp Mongers) and asked if they had any stamps with amoebas on them.  It must have been my lucky day, because there were actually a lot of older stamps which showed amoebas!!  Go figure.

The amoebas we saw are called Centropyxis aculeata, not that that would mean anything to any of us, but maybe you will meet them again in the future under more certain circumstances, and thus be able to greet them in a friendly way.

Hope you like the stamps.  The Romanian stamp shows the discoverer of the first amoeba, Count Amoebula, who the amoebas as a genus are named after.  Also, I am not so sure I would like to tangle with those giant amoebas in South West Africa —they give me the creeps!!


Mr. Chew

Rare Amoeba Stamps (& Letter)
Ink on Paper, Perforated, Letter Customized ,2006