C.T. Chew
eBay Werken 2006

In October of 2005 I decided to try listing my work on ebaY. The first sheet of stamps I put up for auction had a bidder on it within an hour. In a Steve Martinesque manner, I rushed into my house and blubbered in front of my family, "I put something on eBay and someone actually bid on it!" Within days I was listing things right and left and bidders continued to duke it out over each item. One of the concepts I had was to make pieces that could only exist on eBay, like, Mostly Backwards eBay #1: C T Chew. As far as I know this was the first mostly backwards auction notification ever on eBay. Then there were the antilogical works: auction items which changed (usually for the worst) with each bid. In Antilogic Successit Civillitas as each bid was registered more of the print became covered up with cute Christmas symbols. Antilogic works must cause the viewer to mumble, "Why would you do that?" In Cephalopex 1942!, a revision of the original Cephalopex 1942, I presented the work as historical fact and started a new company, Philatelic Stamp Mongers, to list it. The rest of these pieces are pretty self-explanatory in a goofy way. February brought the Winter Olympics and over night bidding on my items ceased. Was everyone getting their screen time in somewhere else besides on eBay. Possibly. The Brazilian anti-philatelic consumer publication Os Selos Chupam (Stamps Suck) states in its March 2006 issue, "Saia quando o gettings bom". (Get out when the gettings good.) So I did; for awhile.


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eBay Werken 2006

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