C. T. Chew
The stellar event of 1982 occurred when Norie Sato introduced me to Carl Youngmann and Eleanor Mathews of Florida Computer Graphics. Carl and Ellie were creating one of the first illustration programs for computers, IBIS. As I recall I was somewhat hesitant to visit their offices! Once there though, I instantly became fascinated with computer illustration. The brilliance of the colors, the ability to draw instantly over what had just been done, and the availability of fonts was inspiring. This was my first picture:

At the time one of my passions was pretending to be an archeologist working for clothing designer Gloria Vanderbuilt, unearthing Peking Man Wardrobe in China.

Norie, Bill Ritchie and I were invited to come back once a week to experiment. There were no computer printers in 1982 so the only way to get my pictures out into the world was to take slides of them. Here are some of my first illustrations:

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