The Prehistoric Post Office

Prehistoric Post Office, Drypoint Engraving, Ink on Paper, 24"H x 6"W, 1978

What kind of post office did prehistoric people use?

What did their stamps look like?

How did they design and make stamps? 

If an artist made a picture, would it be fun to use
that picture as a blueprint to assemble that scene?

What other stories about ficticious work could 
   explore in the same way?

These were the burning questions I was asking myself in 1979.

I used the above engraving as directions to make an actual prehistoric post office.
C. T. Chew Engraving Big Stamp

This was a typical design for stamps during that time.

C. T. Chew Drawing Greetings From NY

This is a closer look at what a prehistoric stamp-
maker's desk might have looked like.

C. T. Chew Drawing Prehistoric Tools

More archeological drawings of prehistoric
stamp making tools.

This cave artist was into making gliders.

After the Prehistoric Post Office was sacrificed in 1980 many of the tools were recovered
and displayed at the Whatcom Museum in Bellingham.