C. T. Chew

Schedule of Events:
10:30am.........Doors open to the public
1:30pm...........Talk by Anna Banana
2:30pm...........Talk by E. F. Higgnis III

This reunion is the first get together for these artists since 1985-1995, when most of them participated in MARS and A/NT PEX, two philatelic expositions here in Seattle.

The Artists:

Anna Banana (actually from Roberts Creek, BC)
buZ blurr [1], [2]
C. T. Chew
Jas W Felter
Jeff Friederichsen
E. F. Higgins III
Jennie Hinchcliff
Dominique Johns
Marvin Johnson
Jack Lattemann
Dame Mailarta
Hamlet Mateo
Kathleen McHugh
Teesha Moore
Bill Ritchie
Jere Smith
Steve Smith
Ed Varney

AARPEX is taken from AARP or American Association of Retired People. We've changed the meaning to Artistamp Artists Reunion and Philatelic Exposition, but this gathering will take place at Univesity House, a retirement residence where C. T. Chew's parents live. And, it should be further noted that many of these artists are getting rather up in years.

Drop by if you get the chance! There will be lots if interesting stamps to view, and philatelic yarns to hear.

©2012 C T Chew